Sunday, August 26, 2012


So, the mother in law has moved into her new place, and things should start slowing down again.  Theoretically that should mean that I can sit down and start writing real articles on here again.  I get excited thinking about writing, but I find it increasingly difficult to sit down and want to write something really long and involved that takes explanation and possibly a dictionary to explain exactly what I mean.

It's not that I don't want to.  I even thought up a lot of fun articles, but it was the getting around to writing them that's really the issue.  I wanted to write about Fort Boyard, which is sadly coming to an end next week, and just things that are exclusively French that really would be something that I could show people and get them interested in.  Or I wanted to talk about the car trouble we had, and the fun of trying to translate head gasket into French or figure out what on earth a "courroie de distribution" is in English.  Then, I sit down on the couch, and there's an old episode of Oliver's Twist on.  And then I fall asleep.

I think it's a two pronged problem.  First and foremost; the spirit is willing, but the flesh wants to be on Google +.  (I'm serious.  If you're not on, get on.  I'd love to have you all circled!)  I just really enjoy all the stuff that comes through.  It's not a million notices about what people ate or why their job sucks.  It's where I find the most interesting stories, and infographics.  Unlike facebook, these are all people that I don't know from Adam.  There just fascinating people that I've met who post about things that interest me.   I just get to a certain point of the day, and I just don't feel like typing much more than three sentences, or just want to make witty retorts.    

Secondly, I think I've been doing too much compartmentalization.  I have my facebook account that was for people I knew in real life, G+ for people that I met and found fascinating, livejournal for personal thoughts, and blogger I always tried to keep more about life in France.  I think that may be the problem though.  With all the division and gates that I've put up, I don't remember the last time I actually made a post on Livejournal at all.  I check the blog roll I put up forever ago, but I need to update that.  Facebook and G+ are about all I do anymore, because they're quick and I can get me some instant gratification.

So I'm going to try and use this site as a regular blog. We'll see how this goes and if I do post more ultimately.  Hope to see you all around soon.