Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm not dead, really.

I swear I'll have a real post soon.  Time has slipped away from me, at least that's the excuse I'll use.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving should you be in a Thanksgiving celebrating region.  Last month or not, hope it was good!

Also, why don't I look like him!


  1. Hehe! Suffering from a severe case of blogger guilt, eh?

    Try to do a 90 minutes work-out every day for 12 months, and with a little "help" (they all do it anyways!) you might end up looking like "him" so to have old geezers like me drooling all over their laptop while watching pictures of you!

  2. LOL @ the Internet Explorer guy sniffing glue!

    Why don't you look like him? Wow, you sound like me now :)

  3. Blue, that's actually about what I used to do back in Columbus. I stopped one day, and it just kind of all went downhill. I keep telling myself I'll get back into it, but I never do!

    Todd, I thought it was pretty good. I think I might as well admit how horrible I really am!

    M@rvin, I've always whined about not being hot, I'm just subtle like that. Truthfully, I'd probably be Internet Explorer there. If the paste is flavored like mint when I was back in kindergarten, it'd be all over!

  4. I suspect even he doesn't even look like that :)

  5. Ok Jason, I'll take just the arms! :-)

  6. I totally understand. Catching up on all my blog reading. Oh and I will have a 'him' to go please.

  7. I am amazed at how quickly blog reading can get away from us. Hopefully you can get caught up soon!