Sunday, June 17, 2012

They did it!

So I keep holding off on this, because I keep convincing myself that somehow there's a reason to wait, but now, I'm all out of reasons.  The Socialists officially control the presidency, the senate, and the national assembly, which means that François Hollande will have no problem bringing his agenda forward when the legislative session starts.  To say it simply, this means full marriage rights are expected in less than a year.

Just to give you an idea, this was a document put out by the Hollande campaign and passed out at a campaign stop in Rennes: (Translation Below)

"I will fight without concession against all [forms] of discrimination and open new rights."
                                                                                      -François Hollande
Fight against LGBT discrimination:

  • Reestablish a method to fight against discrimination with real mediums to react [for] and work with victims.
  • Support the associations which fight against discrimination, in particular those that intervene in the scholarly environment.
  • Train social workers in the fight against discrimination.
  • See to it that deportation proceedings take into account all reasons for deportation, including homosexuality.  
  • Put an end to the exclusion of gays from donating blood.
  • Work with international organizations for the universal decriminalization of homosexuality.  
Rights of couples and same sex families:  Marriage, shared parental authority, adoption, and assisted procreation (artificial insemination and the like.)
  • Open the right to civil marriate to all couples, and reinforce the rights of those pacsed.  (PACS=Pact de Civil Solidarité: civil union.)
  • Regarding shared parental responsibilities and authority, to protect established links between children and the parents who raised them without being his or her biological or adoptive parent.
  • Open two parent adoptions to same sex couples, allow adoption by common law husbands or wives, civil union partner, or remarried spouse.
  • Open artificial insemination to all couples, same or opposite sex.  
Trans Rights:  The State must not be a problem, it must bring solutions.
  • Require that civil documents be changed following sex reassignment surgery, should the candidate so desire.
  • Move forward in 2012 to change texts that function for gender identity to be brought under the same title as sexual orientation, and to be placed among discrimination and hate crime legislation.
If I did translate something wrong, please say something.  My French level is good, but not great.

So these are just the things they're looking to do for the LGBT community here.  Just imagine how much they can do for the rest of the country.  

So as it stands now, it's all a matter of time.  The legislative session starts on June 26th.  Just to give you a rundown on the latest predictions for seat divisions:  Parti Socialiste : 291 seats, Union Majorité Populaire (UMP [Sarko's Ilk]): 241 seats, Europe écologie Les Verts (The Greens): 20 seats, Front de Gauche (The Former Communist Party): 13 seats, Front National(Marine Le Pen's Party): 2 seats.


  1. Very good stuff... now let's see how much will be accomplished. Good luck to Hollande and the socialists.

    As for the translation, BRAVO! Only one thing as far as I'm concern: Trans Rights → 1st paragraph: What the text actually says is that a surgery is NOT obligatory prior to have your civil status changed (as it must be the case right now). I think this detail is missing on your translation.

    All in all, things are looking good. Hope you and partner are doing well. Any vacation plans?


    1. Thanks for the real translation, I was having serious problems with that section. Like I said, I've gotten better, but not stellar at this point. I still do say, reading French newspapers and political tracts are like reading poetry compared to the American papers I grew up with.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm quite hopeful, but I guess I'm cautiously optimistic right now. I really want to be excited, but I've gotten my hopes up far too many times. Still, a boy can dream.