Thursday, November 19, 2009

French Music

Since I have been in France, I have been exposed to a fair amount of French music. Of course, it by no means makes me any sort of expert. There are three groups/bands that I have found that in my opinion stand out above the others. So I will go through and explain a little bit about what I thought of their music and try and provide a little bit of background, and a link to their websites, should they have one.

The first full week here in France, I got to hear a variety of French rock music at the Rockomotives Rock Festival here in Vendôme. For those interested, here's the official Rockomotives website. All the bands that played had talent, no question and I had a great time listening. So the first thing to do would be to thank all the great performers who came here for it, the organizers of the event, and the countless volunteers who made the event possible.

The second night of the festival, I was fortunate enough to be there for Mansfield.TYA who was amazing! They played a variety of instruments, and had a really great sound. The style and instrumentation was somewhat reminiscent of That Dog with the use of Violin and some keyboard work. There are only two members to the band, but their style is just incredible. Songs like “Je ne Rêve Plus” make you want to cry at the beauty of the song. Should you get a chance, check out the live show. It's not to be missed! Here's a link to their site.

Some people may already know about him, but for those who don't I give you Dominique A. The style of his music is amazing. The rhythm of the songs is what really gets me. I am also amazed by his voice. He has this ability that I cannot describe. I have no idea how to describe it. It can't really be described as a lilt, but it's beautiful. Everything about the music he sings is just, well, I can't describe it. I also hear he's a really nice guy too. It also doesn't hurt that he's kinda cute! For more from Dominique A, you can visit his site

I will attach another video that I saw on TV the other day that was cute, but I really don't have as much of to say about the last singer, Coeur de Pirate. I have only seen the video, as I said and heard the song. The video was very cute, and I really enjoyed the idea. So without further ado, here's the link to her music video. It's really fun, I think.

There will be other updates as I find more music I like. I would like to conclude by saying that this is only my opinion and I am by no means a professional. All the links are property of the copyright holders. I am merely providing links and am in no way taking credit for the work of others.

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