Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ireland v. France last night

Last night on TV, I watched my first ever soccer match the whole way through. France has officially qualified for the World Cup this summer in South Africa beating Ireland by one goal. This makes my life easier, as in France they take soccer as seriously to possibly more so than Americans take football. That means that had France not qualified, today would be a National Day of Mourning.

The first game had been played in Ireland, where France won 1-0. The only goal in the game, scored by Nicolas Anelka, was scored as a deflection.

Ireland's Robbie Keene scored a goal against France first, and for most of the first and second halves, it looked as if it would have to go to a shootout. During the second half though, France scored a fairly controversial goal as in the television version it was fairly clear that one of the French players tipped the ball with his hand towards William Gallas who headed the goal in.

So we'll be seeing France along with the United States at World Cup 2010.

More information and video on the Henry Handball situation.

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