Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hurtling Towards Christmas!

So as you can tell, ce con la, il a attrapé l'esprit de Noël.  It's been building slowly here an there.  After Halloween, as tradition demands, I had already started listening to Christmas music.  I'm a sucker for Mele Kalikimaka, but I prefer KT Tunstall's version, and I have never heard a Carpenters Christmas song I didn't like.  Back in the States, when husband and I would make the drive up 23 for Thanksgiving, we would follow the "all Christmas Music all the time" stations from Columbus, to Mansfield, and then over from Van Wert, Fort Wayne, or Toledo.  Luckily, I found someone who get's just as Christmas obsessed as I.

This weekend was perfect, as we went out with the Mother in Law and her cousins, who are genuinely great people, to see le Marché de Noël on Place de la Parliament.  Mother in Law was hot on the trail of unique presents for the nieces.  Of course, it's much easier for the youngest. Every year it's like she just has a theme for her presents.  Last year it was Pokémon, and this year it's Lalaloopsy.  I find them to be as ugly as sin, but if that's what makes her happy, tant mieux!  The other two are older, so they're more into jewelry and such.  Anyway, it was wonderful to see all the stands and everything they had.

I had to control myself because we weren't looking to spend a hundred euros on food, even though I totally could have.  They had tartiflette, and vin chaud, and yes the ultimate Christmas food, croustillions!  So we controlled ourselves as we had not eaten yet, and split 12 among the four of us.  It was really beautiful to see all of the lights up, and it was slightly cold, but oh, it was nice.

Less nice, was dealing with the crowds and the want of mother in law and her cousin to shop.  I hate going into stores and doing shopping, when it's not for me that is, and I do all my Christmas shopping online.  We already got the youngest niece taken care of like that, and I got husband's gift like that too.  Of course, now I'm not sure of my choice.   I hate being on a limited budget....  Most likely we'll do the majority of the purchases online, just for simplicity's  sake.

All and all, it has been pretty nice lately, and with how time has been moving forward, it's going to be Christmas before you know it.  I'm ok, with that because it means that the Marriage Equality debate will start at the end of January, and should be law by March.  After that, it's just making an appointment at the Mairie with all of our paperwork.  I'm just wanting to get this done and move along.


  1. Ok, so now I simply must google "tartiflette" and "croustillions" now.
    I don't even know what they are, but I still want them.


    1. Croustillons are probably harder to find. They're fried dough balls. If you've ever had churros, it's the same dough but made with a spoon.

      Tartiflette is like what we'd call a skillet but made with reblechon cheese.

  2. oh you are SO not me. :)

    No holiday music, at all, if I can get away with it. Nothing done or even planned yet. I need to, but who has the time? But I'm w you for on-line shopping. I'm never going in a store unless forced to.

  3. Salut Tamayn,

    Jeez, Christmas starts real early for you! LOL! If it weren't for my mon, I wouldn't do anything special for the event except the food. At our place, Christmas is more a celebration of gluttony. ;) No tartiflette and croustillon, but tourtière, ragout de patte de cochon, tête fromagée, cretons, bûche de Noël, compotes d'atocas, dinde farcie, biscuits à l'orange, beignes, etc...

    Joyeux Noël!