Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Un Peu du Vin du Matin

I'm not a huge fan of wine, nor do I really understand it.  I've always been partial to amaretto and mixed drinks.  My theory is that I'm just not refined enough to get wine.  To me, the white is all right, and red just reminds me of communion.  My sister and her husband buy wine whenever they come, but I never appreciate the flavors.  I just get hammered.

However, I'm a sucker for a good map!  This is a visual representation of the regions and appellations of wine in France.  It's neat just to look at, but it's especially fun to realize that I've actually been to some of these places, and had this wine.  I'm still hopeless when it comes to appreciating wine, but at least I can fake it now!


  1. You are really funny, "I just get hammered!"
    When I arrived here, after 6 months of all the good, inexpensive wines from which to choose, when asked why I picked a certain bottle, the answer was, "The label was really pretty."

    Have you been to the IGN store in Paris....the map selection is wonderful.

  2. It's best to go with what appeals to us, visually and otherwise!

    I've actually....never been in Paris for more than sleeping in a hotel or catching a flight out of Charles De Gaulle. Money's the real hurdle right now. I'll have to check out the store though, once the work situation is more stable.

  3. That's pretty cool! I live on the light green line (The Loire Valley) between Tours and Valençay. Although, there should be a stop or two in between.

    As for IGN maps, just go online. They have a great site. You know, I'm a map nerd myself.

  4. I spent some time in and around Tours. It's a beautiful area. Lots of castles!

  5. I am a huge collector of wine...the map is awesome :)

  6. From a map freak to another... I loooooooove wine even if I cannot make the difference between a Pessac-Léognan or a Médoc! Et Toc! ;)

  7. I really want to understand wine, but I'm afraid that my palate for wine is a little like my palate for cheese. Unfortunate considering how central they seem to be to French life. I'm glad to know that there are connoisseurs who can make use of what I post! Good to hear from you!

  8. I started looking and collecting maps when I was a kid and we would stop at the welcome centers when we traveled in the summer. I made it a rule that I had to get the maps. They had to be freely available, so no triple A maps or stuff like that.

    For wine, I only know a few types. I know names, but none of the defining characteristics. I think the historical part of viticulture is fascinating though.