Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Last Few Days

We left Ploërmel Sunday and went on a final massive build spree.  We put together the last shelves and the groceries we had bought the day before.  We were just happy to be pretty much ready to be finished. When we were done, we went to Dell' Arte over in Columbier.  It was wonderful to realize that we were installed and everything was going to be done.  We came back to the apartment, and went to bed.

Monday was partner's first day of med school, which meant he was up at 7 am.  That morning was kind of a disaster.  We found out that morning that the microwave wasn't working.  So he gave up on the dream of warm milk with his cereal and took a shower.  After that he went to work, and I went back to bed for a half an hour.  Then I got up, turned on the computer and waited for the internet boxes to be delivered. 

They said they'd be there between 9 am and 6 pm, which meant no leaving the house so that I didn't miss them.  It was really all the same as partner had school until 6 that night.  It's not that I didn't want to go out, but more that I wasn't sure about walking around too much.  I feel more reassured with him around.  So I spent the day listening to music, and watching movies.  I was satisfied really.  I felt a bit lazy, but well, no internet, television or phone means not much to do. 

The hours passed, and eventually partner got back.  He said his first day was a little bit of a shock.  Overall though, he's really happy about it.  He spent some time in the bedroom working through what he had that day.  Most likely we'll talk a bit, then he'll go to work on that.  He's taking this pretty seriously, so I'm proud.  If I know him, he's working to be first in his class.  So we'll find out how that goes.

Free didn't show up, so we went out that night and got a printer.  It's an all in one wireless printer for only 50 bucks.  It's an HP though, so I am concerned about the cost of ink.  It came with the starter cartridge, but we're looking at 30 euros per cartridge.  We saw a canon, but it was just a printer.  I like canons, not only because the ink is a good price but I've also never seen people have problems with canons.  Epson though, I have seen first hand the path of devastation they've caused.  Very happy with the purchase. 

We also got a sweeper, a microwave to replace the broken one, and lots of small stuff.  I was most satisfied with the knives we got.  I am also fascinated with Géant.  It's really identical to a Meijer or a Wal-Mart, but unlike Wal-Mart, I don't feel dirty going in.  Also, we finally got coffee filters.  Jerry rigging a coffee filter with paper towels yesterday morning, not all that much fun.  We had nems for dinner and then went to bed.  Tomorrow, partner had to be up for class at 8, but he would be home at 3.  So much better than yesterday.  At least I'd have someone to wait with me.

The next morning was much better, and went much smoother.  Afterwards, I went to bed til 8:30 again and got some breakfast.  I went down to check the mail, and surprise surprise, what should be waiting there but a notice that UPS passed when we weren't there.  They came at 6:30 last night. They said til 6, and so I was pissed.  I waited in front of the building from 10:45 until they finally showed up at 2:45.  I went back upstairs quick and got the PSP, and lo and behold, I had Abres los Ojos saved on it.  So I watched that, then listened to music, and then went through some old pictures.  The UPS guy got there, I picked it up, and went back up.

Partner showed up about 5 minutes later, so he helped me get everything running.  We have internet and television now, which makes me happy.  I also hooked up the printer, and now, I can scan and/or print from either computer in the house wirelessly.  I feel special! 

Tonight, I don't know what we're going to do exactly, but in any case, I'm satisfied with today.  I may have found some hits for work, so yay on that!  I'll let you know when I find out more!


  1. satisfied is a good place to be my friend, seems all is moving along :)

  2. yeah, things are going pretty smooth. I sometimes need to slow down long enough to realize that satisfied is a good thing! Thanks for the reminder! Hope things are going well for you.

  3. "but unlike Wal-Mart, I don't feel dirty going in" LOL!

    I wish you both the best! Allez vous "pendre la crémaillère?" (like having a BIG party...)

  4. Thanks a lot! No big party, and probably not for the next few months to possibly years. Partner's schedule is outrageous! We're usually in bed by 11 every night.

    The big party will probably come when we finally get hitched!