Thursday, September 8, 2011

Of Credit Cards and Picture Frames

Yesterday is the most stressed out I think I have been in well, a long time.  My debit card expired a while ago and I thought it would be good to talk with my parents and have them send it over.  I also had to ask them to find partner's Carnet de Santé.  He brought it to the US, but never actually needed it, so we just left it in an accordion file under the bed when we were at my parents.  Now, of course, he needs it in 15 days or he can't continue with his program.  It was time to bite the bullet and finally talk with my parents and get that around.  It turns out they had never received it.  I had to call the bank at that point and figure out exactly where what went wrong. 

I explained the situation to the teller who answered, and she called over to accounting to see what the problem was.  Apparently my parents had returned my mail to the post office and as a result, I no longer had a correct address listed with my bank.  My parents address is the only address I still had in the us.  Now that I know the problem, I need to know how to regulate the issue. 

They, unlike the bank I had back in Columbus, cannot simply resend the card.  They have to reissue a new card.  That's great!  How do I do that?  It turns out I need to come to their office and sign a notarized form.  Since it has to be notarized, I can't even sign and send it back.  So then the teller mentions that maybe I can give control to someone else to sign for me, and then I can just have that taken care of.  However; that requires another signed, notarized form.  So after exploring a few more avenues, it's basically a dead end.  No new debit card for me.  The entirety will eventually be taken out in what they call a relationship fee, 3 bucks at a time. I was pretty disgusted overall.  So whatever.....

I went into the bedroom to bother Partner, who was hard at work.  Our day pretty much works out to waking up at 6:30 to have breakfast.  After breakfast, I go back to bed for an unstated period of time.  Whenever I get up, I take a shower and start the job hunt.  No point in resting on my laurels.  I need to do some work on that end, and find some more sites for some petite boulot.  I just don't think Craig's List is going to cut it here.  I have no idea how to do it otherwise.  I found most of my jobs on Careerbuilder, which exists in France, but is longer term.  Alor, qui sait? Certainement pas moi...du tout...

The next day was pretty light.  Partner had his morning classes and came back after.  We had a light snack, and he took a nap while I spent some quality time with the computer.  I hadn't really had much of a chance to check some stuff, so I enjoyed myself.  While he was studying, I hung up a few pictures we framed ourselves.  What would we do without IKEA, eh?  So now, the old posters that we had, Partner's favorite: Sailor Pluto and the perennial favorite Lulu and Yuna, are looking better than ever.  We also got some really nice looking Da Vinci Lithographs at IKEA.  So I'm pleased. 

Now, it's quiet nights of quiet stars!  We'll probably head out to Alma tonight for a change of pace.  I told partner he needs to get his nose out of the books.  Malibu Stacy said it best:" Thinking too much gives you wrinkles."


  1. I had a simular problem with a was not fun or easy to get fixed:(

    wrinkles, ah no...we cant have


  2. It just hurts my head in ways I can't understand. I'll eventually like to have the card, but for now, I guess it's ok. How long did I take for you to solve?

  3. I hear your dilemma on the card. I have an account in another country as well. It is a nightmare. I had to eventually give my brother power of attorney to get it solved.

  4. It's good to know that there might be other ways to fix this. I just can't take this kind of stuff anymore. It seems like being bi-continental just causes headaches.