Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hypersensitive much?

I had a whole schedule planned out today.  After partner left in the morning to go to class around 7, I would stay in bed on the computer until around 8:30.  Then I would take a shower.  After that was done, I needed to gather up the trash and recycling, and take it down with me when I left to get the shopping done for the week.  Finally, all I'd have to do is get the laundry done, probably around noon, when partner would be back.  We'd have lunch, which I planned special remembering that Serrano ham and Edam cheese was on sale at Netto.  After that a quick nap with him, as he had been up and going since 6:30, followed by him working the entire night, usually until about 11.  As for me, at 7 pm I'd look for someone running the the iOS announcement online, watch that till it was finished. After that, we'd have a nice dinner, something like Steak Tips Monterey we used to have back in the US.  So very good.  Then maybe watch The Last Airbender and sleep furiously!

So I started on the right foot, but well, I was just so tired.  So I figured that I could sleep a half an hour.  That way I wouldn't be a complete waste to the world.  Also, it's an excuse to steal my partner's pillow.  I am very bad about this.  I am rather a pillow fiend.  Also, if you've never slept under a french couette, I don't know how to explain it.  It's special.  So I finally woke back up...around 8:45.  I turned on the computer around then and spent some time on the internet....until 10:30.  So then I needed to take a shower, and I finally had everything ready to go shopping around 11:15. 

I have the habit of listening to my iPod when I go shopping.  Normally I listen to music and that's pretty much how it works.  However, I have one slight problem.  I have put it in every pocket I could, but the gyroscope/accelerator assumes I'm using the random function.  So I'll be walking around and really like a song, swing a leg out too far, and I will have changed through 6 others.  I should also mention that the shake to random function never works normally.  This only happens when I'm walking.  I think I may be too bouncy. 

So I went into Netto, and buy only the things that are absolutely essential of course.  I skipped over all the fruits and vegetables.  Seriously, they all looked sad.  Also, there were fruits that I just had no idea what they were.  If I had to come home and look up what a fruit is, such as the mirabelle, I don't have an urge to buy it.  I saw waffles dipped in chocolate though.  They mysteriously ended up in my card. I also am madly in love with the chipolatas and merguez they have there.  So much the garlic.  I had to get a little milk of course, and cheese, and kinder pingui.....  Like I said, it's all 100% organic chez moi.  I love that I could buy enough for two for a week, for about 40 dollars.  Perfect.  I headed home after stopping off to buy bread and a little something for me before partner got back. I got the the groceries put away, and was ready to go start the wash.

I stood in front of the elevator for about 5 minutes, but what felt like a half an hour.  Finally, the elevator arrives at my floor, and who's there but Partner!!!!  So I walk back with him, set the laundry down, and did everything else.  I realized that I couldn't exactly eat what I had bought for myself in front of him, so I sneak off and buy him a flan.  Then I'm a hero! 

After that we slept a bit, and then I went down to do the laundry.  There wasn't a huge amount, but it took me about 3 hours to get it all done.  I did it in two loads ad the bed linens needed to be washed too.  However, you can't just set it and forget it.  You can only set the washer for 20 minutes, only three euros, and then one euro for 20 minutes of drying.  Ridiculous, not only because of price, but every 20 minutes I had to stop what I was doing, and go back downstairs and feed the machines more money.  But I finished with just a half an hour before the iOS event!

I love Mac products.  The only problem is that I'm poor and can't afford much from the Mac universe.  Life is unfair like that.  So for now, I bid you Adieu!


  1. it actually sounds like a perfect day....I envy you a bit :)

  2. I have to say, it was a pretty nice day! Sometimes I think it takes someone to point it out before we realize how nice it is. Thanks for the reality check. :-)

  3. I've got a washer and dryer in my "appart"!!! ;P

    I like the new design. I checked out the new templates on Blogger but I'm such an old geezer! Why change something when it works fine! LOL!

  4. I long for having a washer and dryer of my own once again. When we lived back in Columbus, I even named them, Helga the washer, and Klaus, the dryer.

    Thanks for letting me know on the redesign! I was kind of worried about what it would look like. I was never really happy with the design, so I felt like if I can do something a little nicer, why not. I tried to learn CSS years ago, but it was from a book, and I wasn't terribly motivated.