Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've seen things....

I'll make a list of things lately, and we'll vote as to the order I talk about them.

1.  I saw a man lick a woman's face, and yes, in a romantic way.  This will actually be more of a rant organized to appear like a serious article.  Just to let you know.

2.  I saw more Breton that I ever planned to today, and it still fascinates me, much like all Brythoic-Godelic Languages.  It would be one thing if it were just at the Brittany Museum, but we're talking about in the Subway.  I. love. Rennes. so. much!

3.  I saw a beautiful old map of Bretagne, which I will show soon when I get a chance.  It has a lot of old place names on it, and well, it's just beautiful!

4.  The Brittany Museum is incredible.  All I can say.  I'll be keeping an eye on what else they're showing at the Champs Libre.

5.  Apparently some French CV's require a photo.  Go figure.

6.  I am totally inspired to write the rest of chapter 2, because of the Brittany Museum.

More to come soon.  Let me know what you guys want to see!


  1. oooo....I'm intrigued by the Breton! Do people speak it there regularly?

  2. It's actually kind of sad. There are attempts to have Breton immersion schools, but there aren't many people left who speak Breton daily. There used to be people who only spoke Breton, and they still broadcast a regional edition of the evening news in Breton, but as far as I know, everyone speaks French first and additionally they speak Breton.

    It's fashionable every so many years to be interested in it. Every now and again you see someone like Nolwenn Leroy hit it big.

    I do love Breton names in culture especially, like Gwénaël or Correntin. (I think I've repeatedly mentioned that partner has refused to let me choose children's names alone.)

    It's in the same language family as Welsh, Cornish, the Gaelics, and Manx

  3. I have licked a guy I liked before! :-)

    Gotta feel sad for the Celtic languages - other than Welsh, everything else is in decline, or so I hear.

  4. Oh there's nothing wrong with licking a guy you like, I highly support it! :-) When you're waiting for the 3 back to Saint Laurent, it's another story.

    It's sad to watch these languages disappear. Even though I don't approve of the actions taken by the Basque in the past, I think it's great how they've preserved their language and culture. I think that's part of what I love about Europe. There's centuries of history in North America too, but it's not mine to inherit really.